about frangipani


I have spent most of my life in Italy, in Trieste, the capital of the county of Friuli Venezia Giulia that encompasses both sea and mountains."FrangipaniFlowers and Gifts" brings together two of my biggest passions: Flowers and Fabrics. I like to use these two gorgeous materials to create things that bring pleasure to the eyes, the touch and to make hearts lighter.

My patchwork gifts are created from materials that I have collected in my travels, mainly Italian and American. I have combined them into colorful and unique designs. The pillows are padded with a mixture of feathers and down. The gifts section also offers other items, which are exclusively made by in Italy by craftsmen whom I admire for their work, each one hand picked to offer a special gift to those we love.

The flower reflects things to which we all aspire: friendship and hospitality. The Frangipani or Plumeria, also known as Pomelia, is a shrub whose sweet-smelling white flower, crowded the coastal areas of Sicily. It made early appearances in small bunches carried by the noblewomen of Palermo in the 18th century. The Botanic Garden of Palermo in Sicily, still retains its oldest specimens.

The variety "Palermo" features white flowers and has the insistent smell of vanilla, cinnamon and rose. It is characterized by rounded petals, partly overlapping, almost forming a closed circle, and yellow streaks, sometimes pink, of varying intensity.Polynesians use the Frangipani in their welcoming necklaces as a symbol of immortality and good omen.